Just when you think those on the left can’t possibly sink any lower into the gutter with attacks filled with vitriol and desperation, they surprise you again.



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CTV News: Brian Gallant to make resignation announcement official at news conference today

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Reuters: China's stay-at-home shoppers propel luxury sales - Bain

FOX: Israeli elections seem likely after Lieberman's resignation

FOX: Norovirus outbreak reported at shelter for Camp Fire evacuees

CNN: Communist Party cracks down on China's famous Peking University

CNN: Communist Party cracks down on China's famous Peking University

CNN: Tanzania loses $300 million World Bank loan

CNN: UN lifts nearly decade-old sanctions on Eritrea

ABC: European court orders Russia to allow peaceful demonstrations and to pay opposition leader Navalny 63,000 euros

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Daily Mail: Malaysian ex-PM's wife hit with two new graft charges

Daily Mail: Michael and Kyly Clarke reveal why their daughter Kelsey-Lee, 3, was rushed to hospital

Daily Mail: DJ steals 40 cards full of cash from guests at a couple's wedding

Daily Mail: Rome bans 'slovenly eating' and dressing up as a centurion 

Daily Mail: Diego Simeone 'set to sign new deal at Atletico Madrid'

Haaretz: Shutterstock removes pictures of Jewish man clutching piles of cash after anti-Semitism complaints

WashingtonPost: Attackers target church in Ukraine amid religious split

WashingtonPost: Israel-Hamas fighting erupted just as negotiations advanced. What started it, and why does it matter?

WashingtonPost: Behind the Scenes; November 18, 2018.

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